Acer Palmatum Trompenburg

Data sheet
Comportamento Vegetativo

Ductile and versatile palmate maple of red color tends to form a compact and uniform shrub with medium and irregular growth, it prefers a sunny exposure but also tolerates partial shade exposure well.


The leaf is well divided and serrated, with a purple-red color in spring, bronze in summer and an orange-red color in autumn before the fall.


To facilitate rooting, it likes a soft, humid and well-drained soil and in the summer period make sure that there is no lack of water to avoid leaf problems. However, frequent flooding should be avoided, especially on heavier soils that do not adapt well to this plant, leading to fungi and necrosis.

Cura della Pianta
Plant care

Taking care of these plants is the only way to enjoy their beauty and elegance for a long time. Verify the need for an annual disinfestation to be carried out in the spring period (March-April), perform two annual fertilizations in spring and autumn, and perform a pruning in the autumn period (September-October)

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