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Japanese maples and ornamental plants

FA.ST.FLORA is a young and dynamic company specialized in growing and marketing of ornamental outdoor plants. Our core business is the sale of several varieties of Japanese maples and the Florida Cornus.

Trusting on a multi-year knowledge in this business from previous generation experience, FA.ST.FLORA combines the respect for nature and vegetative time along with the most modern cultivation techniques and innovative products on the market.

Each Maple is generated by a seed that we pick directly from parent plants, in two or three years reaches the maturity, and then we graft it one by one. The graft is to create a small cut at the base of the plant in which a variety of twig is inserted to be produced, the same is isolated from the external environment through a handkerchief, that is tied around. After about a month the engraftment process is verified in his success and the superfluous part of the plant is removed so as to allow the growth of the new plug.

The variety of Fast Flora grows are: Acer Dissectum Inaba shidare, Acer Dissectum Garnet, Acer Dissectum Green lace, Acer Dissectum Viridis, Acer Palmatum Fire glow, Acer Palmatum bloodgood, Acer Palmatum Sango kaku, Acer palmatum Shishigashira.

The japanese maples and their growth

The Japanese maples are followed every day in order to ensure their growth in best conditions, after at least three years they are finally ready for sale.

Their particular cultivation consists on seeding them on the ground and later moving them into pots suitable for the maples and for their easy transportation for sale.

This kind of plant is characterized by unique colors ranging from emerald green to yellow reaching the most famous bright red. Maple colors represent the seasons passing, making this plant charming variable.

FA.ST.FLORA proposes plants that can easily live on a terrace or a balcony of a city apartment, or that can be planted in a garden with other samples creating a play of colors and shapes.
If you are interested in the Japanese maple, please refer to its section where you will find comprehensive information and pictures to grow them at their best.

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